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In the quiet moments of solitude, as a widow,

do you feel the echo of a shared past and the uncertainty of a solo future? 


You feel a profound sense of loss, not just of your partner but of the memories once joyously shared, now tenderly remembered, and adventures you once envisioned together.


This is so much more than missing a travel partner. Now it's the missing piece of your heart, the silent space at the dinner table, the stories that now only echo in your mind.

You cherish the memories of past travels and yearn to explore anew, yet you seek experiences that truly resonate with your current journey. 


The travel world often overlooks the unique needs and emotions of someone who has lost their life partner. They don't seem to grasp the depth of your loss or the courage it takes to step out again, this time on your own. 


You want more than just a destination. You need understanding, empathy, and a travel experience that honors your path as a widow.

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Adventures Tailored for Widows

In this FREE download, I’ll reveal your gateway to travel experiences that are not only safe and comfortable but deeply empathetic to your journey as a widow. These trips go beyond seeing new places put you on a direct path to  nurturing your spirit, celebrating your resilience, and connecting with those who are on the same journey as you!


What you'll discover inside:

  • Tailored Experiences for Widows: Discover destinations and activities carefully selected to suit your emotional and practical needs as a widow.

  • Understanding and Supportive Communities: Engage in travel with women who share your experiences, offering support and companionship.

  • New Memories with Respect to the Past: Explore ways to create joyful new experiences that are sensitive to your past and embrace your future.


If you're ready to rediscover the world in a way that deeply understands and caters to you as a widow, this guide is for you.

About Go Chic Adventures

I'm Rosilyn Mitchell-Schmitt, founder of Go Chic Adventures. After losing my husband, I was faced with the reality of traveling alone. This sparked a realization: there must be many widowed women grappling with the same dilemma.


So, I created Go Chic Adventures in Spring 2021, not only to honor my husband but to serve women like me. It's a place where we can connect, share our experiences, and rediscover the joy of travel together, empowering each other to "Soar The World With Confidence Were Life After Loss Begins With A Passport"®.

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